About the artist

kitty~willow Wilson’s artistic focus is on whimsical ghosts, animals, and other creatures. Nature and gothic Victorian aesthetics inspire her work.

Kitty is captivated by the enigmatic beauty that lies within the shadows of nature. Her artistry is a delicate dance between light and darkness, where she draws inspiration from the ethereal realm of ghosts, the untamed spirit of animals, and the timeless allure of Victorian elements.


Step into kitty’s gallery and discover the mesmerizing allure of "The Watcher,"a haunting portrayal of a figure shrouded in mystery, silently observing the world.

Lose yourself in the enchanting narrative of "The Storyteller," where imagination intertwines with reality, inviting you to create your own tale.

Working in the picturesque Somerset, Uk Kitty Willow Wilson has a passion for capturing the essence of nature's darker aspects, Kitty's creations invite you to embrace the beauty that lies within the shadows.